Create A Facebook Page For Your Local Business In Just Minutes

facebookpageSetting up a Facebook page for a local business is very easy to do. Do you have a business email address? If not, you really need one anyway, but you can also use a separate personal email address to sign up for a business Facebook account. Everything is pretty much going to work the same way it would as if you signed up for a personal account, but you’ll feel restricted if you’ve been a personal Facebook user.

You see, as a business user, you can’t access everyone else’s profiles the same way you could as a personal user. This is just a slight difference you’ll notice, but of course it doesn’t matter because this business Facebook page has nothing to do with personal use of the social media site. Now, while it’s pretty much the same process, I’m going to give you some steps to follow.

It’s really only going to take just a few minutes to do this – just head over to here to start creating your own page. The first thing you have to do is to choose your business category once you click on the arrow to create a business Facebook page. You’re going to be asked to provide information related to your business, including a business description and site URL. You might not have a site URL yet, and while you aren’t required to have one for the Facebook page, you’re going to want one later for other reasons.

Next up is your chance to add a profile picture, and then of course you’re going to have a chance to start an advertising campaign. You might want to do this just for your page in general, but you need to know a few things about Facebook marketing before you pay money for a campaign. After you have saved your Facebook business page, you’re ready to start posting and improving your page.

This is probably the most important step in starting your social media campaign for you small business, but there are of course more places that your customers are interacting than just Facebook. Get the hang of Facebook pages first though and you’ll be good to go on other platforms.

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